1. What is the deadline for the application?

The deadline for the expression of interest is December 19th. We will inform the 10 finalists in early January and we expect the application to be submitted three weeks after the call for applications. The specific deadline for these applications will be announced at this later date.

2. What is the duration of the Scholarship?

The scholarship should end within the year 2013, so that the results can be presented at the Transforming Transportation Conference Conference in January 2014.

3. Am I eligible if I currently hold another scholarship or grant?

Applicants may hold another scholarship or grant, either under a different research topic or a complimentary research topic that will be strengthened by additional funding.

4. How specific should my initial expression of interest be? For example, should I submit a research abstract, or a complete description of methodology, proposed budget, etc.?

The abstract should be no longer than 750 words and should include objective, methodology, time frame and expected outcome/impact.

5. Is it necessary to propose dates when the research will be started and completed?


6. Can I apply in the name of a larger institution, government or otherwise?

No, applicants should be individual researchers affiliated with an academic or research institution. The scholarship cannot be awarded to an organization.

7. I am not affiliated with a research or academic institution. Am I eligible for the award?

No, applicants must be individuals affiliated with a research or academic institution.

8. Are individuals with research experience in the specified domains of sustainable transport eligible? 

Yes, please submit your proposal.

9. What do you mean by affiliated? Must I be officially hired?.

You can be hired (part time, full time) or currently registered at a university.

10. I completed my master degree in June, but I am independent. I do not have a contract with any Research Institute, but I might get an official agreement as I have contacts in the country.

An official agreement would meet the eligibility criteria.

11. Does the expenses cover also living allowances (house, small stipend), or do they cover only expenses directly related to the research (travel and mobilization)?

If the research could be only be carried out through traveling/living in a different location from where you currently reside, the scholarship could cover allowances. In this case, the applicant would have to demonstrate the need for travel to the Scholarship Board.

12. Research details may change, and the abstract is generally developed at the end. I understand you need criteria to evaluate proposals but would it be possible to slightly change the focus of the research if conditions change?

We understand the challenges, but this scholarship is looking for clear and specific impact/outcomes. The application will be evaluated based on the research proposal (including specific topics, methodology and expected outcome). The research cannot substantially change during the course of the scholarship